Tuesday, August 24, 2010

APWU Convention Update

‘Our Union is Alive and Strong’

"... Burrus reminded delegates that the next round of contract negotiations is set to begin just days after the conclusion of the convention, and said the union’s goals are to restrict excessing, gain access to information from the Postal Service without cost, win more opportunities for upward mobility, limit subcontracting, and increase wages.

While 2010 bargaining will be difficult, Burrus assured delegates that the union expects to achieve more gains in these negotiations.

“We expect a contract that adequately rewards members for maintaining the best postal system in the world.” ..."   

Reference: www.apwu.org

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Claims against USPS exec expose

Claims against USPS exec expose clash of public-private rules

"... The IG report also criticized six sole-source contracts Bernstock awarded to associates, including a $1.5 million deal to Goldman Sachs, which was a major investor in Nutrisystem, where Bernstock is still a board member.

Gibbons repeatedly approved Bernstock's contracting deals. And even though she knew that Bernstock had improperly used staff for his personal business, she did not report it to the OIG, as she is required to do. ..."   

Reference: www.federaltimes.com

Major Mailers Make Billions, But Demand Postal Worker Pay Cuts

Major Mailers Make Billions, But Demand Postal Worker Pay Cuts

"... If our members’ wages were based on the same factors used to determine workshare discounts, their pay would be off the charts. Can you imagine a wage rate for postal employees at 10.5 cents for each five-digit barcode? As you may recall, I have made a standing offer to Postmaster General Potter to set postal wages at the discounted rate. If the USPS avoids costs of 10.5 cents when private-sector mailers apply the barcode, it makes sense that postal employees’ compensation should equal this “perfect model of efficiency.” To be competitive, I have offered to take one tenth of a cent less. ..."   

Reference: www.apwu.org

Postal Leadership Forcing Working Employees to Workers Compensation Roles



Why is the USPS going broke? Under the Postal Service's National Reassessment Process, employee's who were injured on the job and are currently performing work that is essential to the Postal Service, are now being forced to collect more under the Workers Compensation program. However, USPS leadership is now Reassessing the work being performed and the employee performing that work. Essentially, USPS is now telling the employee(s) that the eight hours of work they have been performing is actually not eight hours worth of work, forcing the employees to file and collect under OWCP, causing higher costs to the system, thus again putting the blame for losses on the postal working class.   

Reference: federalsoup.com

USPS reports $3.5B loss for fiscal third quarter

USPS reports $3.5B loss for fiscal third quarter

"... USPS officials said the increase in operating expenses was mainly due to higher workers’ compensation expenses because of a non-cash fair value adjustment and higher retiree health benefits expenses. ..."   

Reference: www.logisticsmgmt.com

While Postal Service Loses Billions, Leadership Fails

USPS faces $357,000 OSHA fine for electrical hazards at Boston processing facility

"... The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited the U.S. Postal Service for alleged willful and serious violations of safety standards following an inspection at the Boston Processing and Distribution Center. The Postal Service faces a total of $357,000 in fines, chiefly for exposing workers to electrical hazards. ..."   

Reference: www.reliableplant.com